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The vanilla beard kit includes:

1. 4 oz. Vanilla beard oil

2. The Vanilla beard hemp wash

3. Beard leave-in conditioner

4. The Vanilla beard balm

5. Custom beard comb

6. Beard brush


The Vanilla beard kit is your simple go to kit for all your beard needs. First, wash your beard with the Vanilla beard hemp wash to clean your beard hair and skin. Once your beard is fully washed, add a few sprays of the Moisturizing beard leave-in conditioner. Next, add your Vanilla beard oil to moisten your beard hair. Lastly, use your Vanilla beard balm to maintain and style your beard. Comb or brush throughly. 


The Vanilla beard kit has our signature vanilla scent added which is a gentle and clean scent. Use oils and balms for all hair and beard. 



The Vanilla Beard Kit

$54.99 Regular Price
$38.49Sale Price
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